The Shadow Rider Club of St. Louis was developed to promote safe and responsible riding. As a part of that goal, we have provided for your viewing the Group Riding Guidelines and links to the Illinois and Missouri Department of Transportation Riding Courses.   We have a standing rule of ride long and above all ride safely.

Shadow Rider Group Riding Guidelines*

Motorcycle Safety Foundation Library of Safety Tips

MODOT – Website

Missouri Department of Revenue Motorcycle Operation Manual

IDOT – Website

Missouri Motorcycle Safety Foundation
Basic and Experienced Rider classes are offered at these three locations.

St. Louis Community College at Forest Park: 314-644-9175

Jefferson College, Hillsboro: 636-797-3000 x144

St. Charles Parks & Recreation: 636-949-3377

Illinois Motorcycle Safety Foundation

IDOT – Traffic Safety Tips

Federal Regulation information

Headlight Modulation information

Missouri State Regulation Information

Section 304-285 – Red light violations by Motorcycles or bicycles….

Safety Notes from Dave

TCLOCS , Keep in mind , ICE