The Shadow Rider Club of St. Louis was developed to promote safe and responsible riding. As a part of that goal, we have provided for your viewing the Group Riding Guidelines and links to the Illinois and Missouri Department of Transportation Riding Courses.   We have a standing rule of ride long and above all ride safely.

Shadow Rider Group Riding Guidelines*

Motorcycle Safety Foundation Library of Safety Tips

MODOT – Website

Missouri Department of Revenue Motorcycle Operation Manual

IDOT – Website

Missouri Motorcycle Safety Foundation
Basic and Experienced Rider classes are offered at these three locations.

Also check with your favorite dealership they may also offer rider courses too.

St. Louis Community College at Forest Park: 314-644-9175
Web Page –

St. Charles Parks & Recreation: 636-949-3377
Web Page –

Jefferson College, Hillsboro: 636-797-3000 x144

Illinois Motorcycle Safety Foundation

IDOT – Traffic Safety Tips

Federal Regulation information

Headlight Modulation information

Missouri State Regulation Information

Section 304-285 – Red light violations by Motorcycles or bicycles….

Safety Notes from Dave

TCLOCS , Keep in mind , ICE