Ryugen Fisher

Rest in Peace Dear Friend and Mentor

Ryugen Fisher

We knew Ryugen in a variety of capacities. At various times he served the club as a Road Captain, as a ride coordinator, as Safety Officer, as a club ambassador, as the club’s Webmaster and Communications Director, and most recently as the club’s Vice President.

Ryugen was one of the motivating forces behind our March of Dimes Helmet Days, energizing the troops to hit the streets and raise cash for a good cause. And it paid off: this year our club raised the most money total and per capita of any club in town.

Ryugen was devoted to our club and its members. He worked very hard for the club, most often in the background, unseen, doing things to make the club run smoothly.

If you get Shadow Rider messages, it’s because Ryugen set up our mail lists.

And if you’ve ever checked the Ride and Events Calendar, consulted the Group Riding Guidelines, or used any of the many features on our club website, it’s because Ryugen put a great deal of time and care into creating a site that’s the envy of motorcycle clubs in the area.

Both officially and unofficially, Ryugen was an ambassador for the Shadow Riders, talking with sponsors, spreading the word to prospective members, and sharing goodwill in the motorcycling community that worked its way back to benefit our club.

He possessed a wealth of knowledge over a broad spectrum — not just regarding riding technique and motorcycle mechanics — that he shared generously with everyone he interacted with.



We were all saddened to hear of the loss of our fellow Shadow Rider and friend Ryugen Fisher on October 28, 2006.

For many of us Ryugen was a mentor; for many more, he was a friend.