Jimmy Godwin


Fellow Shadow Riders,

It’s a sad day when we have to say “Farewell” to a member. Jimmy Godwin passed away from surgical complications on the second week of August this year. Several of us had the honor of riding with our friend one more time as we escorted him to his final resting place in Crestview Memorial Park in St. Clair, MO. Jimmy’s daughter, Corena, rode with a friend on a Harley behind the sedan that carried Jimmy to the park.

I know that Jimmy loved the Shadow Riders and the opportunity that it provided him to do what he most enjoyed in life: to be able ride his motorcycle with friends. I’m proud to be a part of an organization that has that kind of impact on people’s lives. Jimmy will be missed by all of us who rode with him and enjoyed his easy smile and laughter. Jimmy usually rode in Erin’s group on Sundays and participated in club activities whenever he could. I know that his troubles with his heart kept him home on several Sundays but I knew that he was with us in his thoughts. He spoke enough about us to his family and friends that his daughter, Corena, knew he would have wanted us there to ride with him one more time.

We promised the family that whenever we take our Sunday rides through St. Clair we would always wave to Jimmy as we passed by Crestview. Once a Shadow Rider; always a Shadow Rider. I know that Jimmy is probably riding with our other fallen brothers and sisters as you’re reading this. I hope that he’ll have room for me in his group when I get there. Ride on Shadow Rider . . . Ride on! In loving memory of Jimmy Ray Godwin