2017 SRC Elections

This year election committee is 

The Nominees for the 2017 SRC Year are as follows

President – John Geiler

Vice President – Erin O’Donnell

Treasurer – Tony Weaver

Safety Officer – Ross McGovern

Secretary –  Karen Johnston

Also would like to recognize the following members for their service this past year

Membership: Jim Gianella

Website: Ted Koski

Merchandise: Lisa Soucy

Saturday Night Out: Ira Steuer

Make-A-Wish: Laura Bergsieker

Harbauer/McBride: Robin Potter

Bikers for Babies: Rich Bayers

These positions are as important as the other positions in our club and should be viewed as such. Equal effort and dedication goes into keeping these parts of our club operating as smoothly as they have for 21 years now. Please thank these people whenever you see them for performing these tasks professionally and efficiently